Aims of the AF Screen International Collaboration

The aim of this collaborative group is to promote discussion and research about screening for unknown or under-treated atrial fibrillation as a way to reduce stroke and death.  We will provide advocacy for implementation of AF screening programs, tailored to the medical systems of individual countries.  Our efforts will include the role of AF detection technologies, implementation in health systems for AF screening, and the role of oral anticoagulant therapy to prevent stroke in individuals found to have previously unknown AF.

To achieve this aim we have enlisted over 170 key players in the field of AF from 37 countries, and all have been enthusiastic in joining and contributing.

b0252c0f-ab22-4610-8f40-315c2bc9400bOur members include not only cardiologists and cardiac electrophysiologists, but also neurologists, geriatricians, epidemiologists, health economists, general and primary care physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and most importantly, patient advocates.  Our goals include:

  • Organization of an annual  meeting of the collaborative group on the day prior to the European Society of Cardiology scientific Congress in August.
  • Maintain a website for this international organization, with a repository of papers on screening, and current and planned studies, as well as a list of our members and supporters.
  • As a group, suggest sessions and symposia around AF screening at national and international Cardiology, Neurology, Stroke, Heart Rhythm and Primary Care meetings.
  • Develop reviews of available data and ongoing studies, and a review of available methodologies.
  • Through networking, establish larger multinational studies and international research and implementation collaborations, to answer the questions required to make recommendations for screening part of all AF guidelines.
  • With the support from the European Union (Horizons 2020 grant; AFFECT-EU), establish a continuously updated individual-patient data meta-analysis of all randomized controlled trials of screening for AF to prevent stroke.